Best eyeshadow palette which you should buy

Best eyeshadow palette which you should buy


Best eyeshadow palette 

Stop using cheap/low quality eyeshadow palettes as these palettes carry high amount of chemicals which harm your beautiful skin and also probably give you a headache.

High pigment eyeshadow palette

Must give a try to our pro eye shadow palettes which are free from any toxic chemicals and are highly pigmented with free shipping on prepaid orders. 

eye shadow palette includes shimmer , matte, glitter almost all in one eyeshadow palette.

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How to Use an Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadows have been in use since the times of ancient Egyptians and Greeks with women wearing them to reflect the colors of blue and green gems. The tradition spread across the world and had evolved into fantastic color palettes in all hues and shades. But with so much on the market, you may well be confused wondering how to use an eyeshadow palette?


Here’s the tried and tested way of applying different colors shades of an eyeshadow palette telling you which color goes where as the basics of how to use an eyeshadow palette!

1. Light eyeshadow colors:

The lightest color of the palette acts as the highlighter for the eyes to open up the stage full of colors on your eyelids. Just like you should be applying face highlighter on the top of your features that reflect maximum light to accent it, for the eyes you should use the lighters shade on the brow bone and the inner corner of the eyes. This will play out the drama of colors, adding depth bringing out the contrasting play of darker colors.

2. Medium eyeshadow colors:

Depending on the type of look you wish to create, use the medium color shades to color your lids in cool or bright tones. Medium shades of a cool-toned eyeshadow palette will help you get the natural or no-makeup look. The best way to ace the look is by applying a shade similar to your skin color, or one that is slightly darker than the skin tone. Make sure to use a makeup brush and apply it evenly across the entire eyelid. Next, add dimension by applying darker of the medium shades along the crease of your eyes using a tapered end brush. This way, the eyelid skin will retain the color well.

For the high-voltage chic look, use the shimmer of the palette over the center of the eyelid. It will give an incredible and multi-dimensional glow to your eyes. Those in favor of smoky eyes will do well to nix the light-medium in favor of the dark medium colors. Apply the color all over the lid and blend it all the way around the eyelids to give it a flattering glam quotient.

3. Dark eyeshadow colors:

As with blushes and bronzers, dark shades of a palette are always meant to be used as contour colors. Coming to eyeshadows, you can also use the darkest pigments as eyeliners apart from using them to contour the eyes by creating a V-shaped outline in the crease of the eyes, making them look bigger.

Eyeshadow Palette
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